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An antenna is a transducer designed to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. In other words, antennas convert electromagnetic waves into electrical currents and vice versa. They are used with waves in the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, radio waves, and are a necessary part of all radio equipment.  Antennas highly effect the efficiency of the RF device.

Antennas are produced at certain frequencies with a wide variety of metals. It is not able to get a high efficiency if the appropriate frequency is not used.  Even if it is the best qualified antenna, you can not get an effective solution if the antenna height is not well calculated, not assembled considering the technical details, using the appropriate connectors.


Antennas can be grouped according to


1)   1.) The RF frequencies:

         CB : ranges between 26.965 27.405 MHz

         VHF: ranges between  144 177 MHz

         Marine:  ranges between 156 162 MHz

         UHF: ranges between 430 470 MHz

         Cellular: ranges between 890 960 MHz

         Dual: ranges between 144-174 and 430-470 MHz

         SSB: ranges between 1-30 MHz


      2.) Stationary, mobile, marine and handheld groups


3)   3.) The amplitude level ( e.g; 3 dB)


4)   4.) The beam width (e.g ; m)


5)   5.) The metal chemical (e.g; fiber, aluminum)


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