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Professional Mobile Radios can be used for  short ranges by any individual without getting any specials permits.

PMR Radios range between 446.000 and 446.100MHz 8 channelled with the output power of 500mW. CTCSS and DCS code selecting techniques are used to ensure that as many mobiles as possible can use a given channel. PMR radios have many advantages like offering free communication with no limitations, easy installation and usage.

Maintenance and repair service stations, caps, topographers, constructors, forwarders, farmers etc. prefer that kind of transceivers for communication.

Berksan produces and imports all kinds of PMR radio accessories.  Maintenance and repair of the power suppliers, chargers, variety of antennas, handheld batteries, battery renewal operations are done by our professional technical team. Our manufactured and imported products are guaranteed by BERKSAN.


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